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What we do

"I sniff the filthy cold concrete,
I wish for grass beneath my feet.
Those I loved I somehow failed;
They bought me here - where I am jailed"



We help German Wirehaired Pointers who are found starving, homeless, ill or injured, keeping them safe whilst we seek UK forever homes. With over 45 years experience of the breed we offer full support to make every adoption easy and enjoyable.

We are a UK Registered Charity 1201479 who cover the essential costs until a forever home is offered. We don't spend money we don't have, and constantly challenge costs.

We interact with all other reliable rescue volunteers in Spain, France, Italy, Romania, Greece, Bulgaria, Bosnia, Serbia, Hungary, Macedonia and are up for any challenge. It's all about helping the dog to a better life.

We have over 9 years' knowledge and experience of the DEFRA export and import regulations using both IPAFF and the Pet Passport Scheme. Working closely with other groups who are at the location of the rescue dog we can monitor every stage of the process which includes full health check, microchip, passport, rabies vaccination, character assessments.

We also help UK owners to re-home their dogs in the UK.



Other Rescue groups we work with

Spinone Overseas For Adoption

Teodora's Angels, Serbia

Bark Arc, Bosnia

Cyprus 'Setter & Pointer' Rescue @ Bay Tree Kennels (Kayte Wilson-Oroklini)

Apollo Angels

Playing With the Wind Animal Rescue