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The Forever Care Scheme

This scheme is for GWP owners who don't have family or friends who would home their GWP in the event of their death or incapacity and do not want their dog/s to be placed into kennels.

They complete a comprehensive questionnaire about their dog's lifestyle and care. It includes contacts for immediate response such as nearby neighbours, fellow dog friends and family to assist during the first hours/days when hopefully the dog/s can stay at home.

It also includes a data release notification for vet records and a character assessment with training levels and contact instructions to notify us.

The Trustees would be individually named with phone numbers as co-ordinators for expediency.

Upon receipt of the questionnaire we send a draft Letter of Wishes for the owner to send to their solicitor to attach to their will. We ask for a copy.

We undertake to make our best endeavours to do the best thing for the owner's beloved dog/s to help settle them into an experienced family home as quickly as possible using our knowledge and contacts.

When the owner dies, we should be contacted asap and our re-homing team will immediacy appeal for homes and help to our 6,000 active members on Facebook. Ideally we would work with the named first contacts to enable their daily contact with the dog/s at this traumatic time.

Help in the form of a foster, a car ride, dog walker or home would be from someone who owns a GWP and understands the breed characteristics.

We would be responsible for transporting the dog/s and keeping track of their progress forever in the form of photos, reports and possibly phone calls.

There is a small one time admin fee of £15 to register and every year the owner will be sent their questionnaire to update any changes. We also ask for a sum of money from their will to cover 6 months of costs for their dog, especially if they are on any medication, to be paid on the event of death.

We would cover this cost until probate is granted.

Fill in the form here to join the register